Connection & Community in Unprecedented Times

A collection of stories by Oregonians about our experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About this COVID Storytelling Project

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou

The Oregon COVID-19 Storytelling Project presents expressions of art and stories about community members’ personal experiences of COVID-19 and Long COVID. This project offers a platform for communities most impacted by the pandemic to share experiences, stories and the impacts of living in the COVID-19 pandemic in Oregon.

Featured Stories

  • Written Story by

    Tim Murphy
    Sometimes Long Covid seems like it never ends, and maybe sometimes it doesn’t. Now…
  • Audio Story by

    We did not know where this disease came from. We never knew if we would die or not.
  • Artwork Story by

  • Written Story by

    Arturo Villaseñor
    Año 0, diciembre 2019  Era casi el fin del año y aquí, en Oregon, llovía como…
  • Written Story by

    Spring 2020 – French 340: Oral Skills An advanced study in moving mouths around…
  • Written Story by

    Ammy Omekara
    Covid19 has been on everyone’s mind since it began. It has halted activities, outings,…
  • Written Story by

    I am a nonbinary physician of color. I actually worked for the state governmental COVID…
  • Artwork Story by

    Torea Frey
  • Written Story by

    Evangelina Gabriel
    Haciendo limpieza en casa y junto con mil documentos que intentó desechar descubro…

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