Written Story by Delray Billy

Hi , I am a 33 year old single mother to 2 boys ages three & twelve. I’m an enrolled tribe of the  Navajo Nation from Utah. My kids are half Navajo. I moved to Oregon 13 years ago. In my  language Yá’áh t’ééh means hello. Introducing yourself back home we usually say our name,  who our parents are, how old we are, our 4 clans, what town we live in in the Navajo language. 

This was my second time catching Covid. I’ve caught Covid a year into the pandemic right before  it first mutated but didn’t have any symptoms & had a partner at the time which made things  easier as far as cooking & support. I didn’t know I had Covid until I lost my smell when I was  using my favorite body wash on the fourth day. I was very tired and had a headache the first  three days, had no appetite, runny nose & slept all day/night. At first I thought I was sick I was  taking all kinds of over the counter medicine & nothing was working. Wondering why I was so  tired and had body aches I thought I was just sore from the gym maybe it was both. 

I don’t have any family in Oregon so my older son made sure his little brother ate while I slept.  He would wake me up to change his diaper. I was unable to stay awake in those three days it  was like I took NyQuil or some sort of sleeping aid. My kids didn’t have any symptoms until  three to four days later. I got my energy back on the 4th day. When my kids caught it my oldest  had the same symptoms as I had so we all took an at home Covid test. My youngest had a runny  nose but didn’t seemed like it bothered him much. I’m happy we are all okay and got better  compared to hearing other peoples stories it could’ve been worse. When I went back to the  gym after I got better I was stronger after taking 2 weeks off. 

I normally workout 1hr 45mins 6 times a week so I didn’t give my body much rest days. I’m very  appreciative for the people who were able to pay my utility bill during my quarantine.  Appreciate my family members & friends that called to check in on us to see how we’re doing.  We are all not vaccinated also if that information helps in any way. We’re also pretty active and  a healthy family. We go to the park, take walks, bike riding. I am a nursing mom if other moms  find it helpful. The pros about catching Covid I’d say we got to send more time & appreciate life  & relax. Con isn’t a bad con but I really missed the gym. I do weightlifting to gain so it’s the best  part of my day everyday that helps me get through my day. It’s something I get to do for myself  on the little free time that I get for myself. 

Ahéhee (Thank you) for taking the time to read my story.