Written Story by Myat

In March of 2020, Covid19 descended in our community much like any other communities in Oregon. The entire community went into lock down just like the whole State  and Country did. We entered into survivor mode in effort to combat and educate community members about this terrible pandemic. This was not easy and it required cooperation of  everyone. As a community our first and primary duty was to assure that everyone is safe and  protected. We followed every single guideline as given without exception. We also resulted in  using traditional healing mechanism for preventing getting this terrible disease. One of the best  way was to protect ourselves from getting a cold which could result in possibly weakening the  body and making it susceptible to getting infected. So we consumed everything that will fortify  our bodies ans health. One of the simplest remedies used was to boil a combination of lemon,  ginger, onion, and garlic and then add a spoon of natural honey. This was the perfect  combination to make the body not susceptible to cold. This little an simple remedy worked like  magic. We also formed an alliance in our community towards protecting our community  members. This was meant to assure that everyone was healthy. We connect via frequent phone  calls, via social media such whatsapp very often if not daily. We did drive by to our community  members that to assure more visibility and assurance that everyone was doing well. It doesn’t  mean that member did not get sick, it simply means that we kept an open communication to  assure that if a community member was to get convid19, we will sick resources to assure that  he or she is has all the care they need. This was not a simple endeavor since there was still some  stigma about covid19 as some people thought they will be shined if it discovered that they have  been infected by Civid19. So we had to create a sense of community understanding that covid19  is a disease that no one is immune. At any particular time anyone could unfortunately get it. The  most important this is that it matters to assure that anyone affected will get all care and help  they needed to make sure the come though victorious. As a community we launched a  campaign designed to informatio all community members on facts about covid19, and possible  remedies including self care. This became the most important mission of community elders to  assure that our community stays unified and in keeping everyone safe. This involved frequent  phone calls, frequent chats and once in while a get together in socially distanced way. All of  these measures were meant to stay connected and stay current by ensuring the well-being of  community members. One of the best weapon we realized was education. Education provided  knowledge, shared values, collaboration, and understanding that no one was alone. In this  circumstances assuring that every member was well and healthy was all we needed to  accomplish our goal. This is often a long term project for community well-being.