Written Story by Win Win Maw

I am Win Win Maw, a dedicated individual who has called the United States home for more than  7 years. However, my journey has been marked by the challenges of managing diabetes, a  condition I have been coping with for the past 24 years. It requires constant vigilance and careful  management of my health.

In May 2019, on an ordinary day, I began experiencing troublesome symptoms. A running nose  and a persistent cough seemed to have taken hold of me. Concerned about my well-being, I  decided to seek answers and find relief for my discomfort.

On that fateful evening of April 2nd, around 10 o’clock, I found myself immersed in browsing the  New York News website. Amidst the vast array of news articles, one topic stood out: Covid.  Although my voice was hoarse, a result of my ongoing symptoms, I couldn’t resist reading more  about this novel virus that was starting to impact the world.

Little did I know that the unfolding Covid situation would dramatically alter my life. The global  pandemic forced me to make significant changes in my daily routine, mainly revolving around  staying home and taking all the necessary precautions to protect myself and my loved ones.  Wearing a mask even at home became a norm, as I lived in close proximity to my husband and  son.

This has been an incredibly challenging time for me. The fear of contracting the virus and the  uncertainty surrounding my health condition have been ever-present. Navigating through these  uncertain times has required strength, resilience, and unwavering determination.

Amidst these trials, I decided to visit a clinic in the hopes of finding some answers and relief  from my worsening symptoms. To my dismay, the chief physician informed me that my  condition was critical and that hospitalization was necessary. Thus, on June 13th, I found myself  admitted to the hospital, where a dedicated team of healthcare professionals would closely  monitor my health.

It was particularly distressing to recall the news report from New York News that I had come  across on April 2nd. The article highlighted the alarming escalation of the Covid situation, with a  rising death toll and a significant increase in cases across the United States. The gravity of the  situation weighed heavily on my mind as I lay in the hospital bed, fighting my own battle.

The impact of Covid on my health became more evident as the doctors diagnosed me with  pneumonia and additional upper respiratory complications. Each passing day felt like an uphill  battle, leaving me exhausted and drained. Not only was my health deteriorating, but my  concerns extended to my younger brother and sister, who also fell ill during this challenging  period.

Fever episodes were an all-too-familiar occurrence for me. Whenever my body temperature  spiked, I sought refuge in the emergency department, hoping for relief from my pneumonia and other respiratory issues. However, the situation seemed to persist, and my concerns grew with  each passing day.

The local clinic I relied on for medical attention was overcrowded, making it increasingly difficult  to receive the proper care and attention I so desperately needed. It became apparent that the  healthcare system was under immense strain, trying to accommodate the growing number of  Covid cases and the subsequent complications that arose.

Adding to my worries, my beloved son began displaying worrisome symptoms. High fever and  discomfort compelled us to rush him to the hospital. The waiting game began as we awaited the  test results, praying fervently that his condition was not severe. The doctors decided to conduct  an ultrasound, which revealed potential abnormalities in his lungs. We eagerly awaited the  chest X-ray results to confirm the diagnosis, while additional tests were ordered to gain a better  understanding of his condition.

Despite the personal challenges I faced, I found solace in the fact that I had received the Covid 19 vaccine.

I understand that there have been various challenges and difficulties in the country. It is  important to support and provide assistance to those who are affected. If someone needs help,  they can seek assistance from the relevant authorities or organizations. In 2020, during the forth  waves of COVID-19, the situation was quite severe. People should follow the guidelines and  receive medical treatment at the designated healthcare centers. Both physical and mental well being should be taken into consideration. My mental trauma had worsened because of my  husband also got heart attack after one month of his post Covid . I was so tired too taking care  of him as well as my Covid also was very bad . My mental trauma is still bad because of  consequences of Covid.